Marta Moon: Venture into Vulnerability

Author’s Reflection:

Marta is a radiant creature. She speaks with clarity indicative of deep attunement with her emotions and intuition. She speaks her truth eloquently and unabashedly. Her willingness to open herself and share her story has translated into recognition of her creature’s power. I welcome you to revel in her power through her words and these images.

Stay beautiful, creatures.


“I’m in this place in my life where I feel this transition from hiding to wanting to be seen. And it’s not just about “see me,” it’s about “I have something valuable to contribute, but in order to get to the gem, I have to go through the vulnerability.” One of the most vulnerable things for me is to be seen in a camera. There’s something about that that feels solid, like there is an opportunity for more ideas or judgement to be formed about me.”

“I want to meet that vulnerability and share all of myself, I want to be seen for all of myself. I have less desire to hide my vulnerability; I feel it is a strength of mine to contribute that piece. Going into a place that feels edgy, and sharing myself anyway. That’s what I get excited about; when I see other women sharing their imperfections without shame, or even with shame, but doing it anyway. That’s so inspiring to me.”


[on being vulnerable]: “I’ve practiced a lot. It takes a lot of repetition. Even doing this photo project with you, I’m making a choice to do something that’s a little outside of my comfort zone. Making the choice to move into the place of discomfort, over and over and over and over again, and slowly it releases. I also have trust. I didn’t always trust that process but now that I’ve done it so many times, I see where I am as opposed to where I was. I now have so much trust for the process that I’m willing to take bigger risks.”

“I shared a song in a circle the other day and I was really scared…I could be kinda cute and be like“I’m scared!” [high pitched voice] but the other choice is to actually let myself feel awkward, share from that place of awkwardness. It’s not about creating a beautiful song, it’s about sharing what’s true for me…there’s some element of being seen, having some kind of reflection that can help me get out of my own way.”


“There are two different modes I can be at. One of them is a striving mode, the idea that an ideal body exists in that striving mode. But in the other mode, that doesn’t even feel relevant. It’s just “how can I love myself fully right now?” It’s hard to say it because sometimes I’m still striving. It’s not about idealism, it’s about curiosity and wonder.”

“I oscillate between thinking that a certain shape brings happiness, and then not believing that, just reveling in happiness.”


[on self-care routines]: “To me, self-care is pausing. Allowing myself to pause and take up space, to allow whatever would be the most caring action to emerge. Being silent with myself. Allowing myself to feel. I think of gentleness. From that place of gentleness, self-care emerges.”

“I have to allow myself to really feel the dissatisfaction before I will choose something different.  I love this quote by Charles Eisenstein: “True discipline is really just self-remembering; no forcing or fighting is necessary.” When we’re in moments of clarity, we can really soak that up, so when we are unclear, the discipline is just remembering the clarity. That’s a gentle way to come to clarity: knowing I was clear about this, and even though I’m not clear right now I remember being clear about this. That’s the discipline; making the choice that we know deep within ourselves.”

“Once we have awareness, we can start making choices. Without having the awareness, we stop making choices.”


“My intention is to show up in curiosity, with all of myself, and to step into the edge of vulnerability, which for me often includes body image and how I’m seen by others.”


“To explore that edge, playing with identity, allowing myself to be seen as a woman.”






Marta Moon and photojournalist Augusta Rose, absorbing wild Oregon’s beautiful nature.

4 thoughts on “Marta Moon: Venture into Vulnerability

  1. Thank you Marta Moon and Augusta for this beautiful work and wisdom. Vulnerability is so powerful, and reading this just affirmed that for me in a way I really needed. Stay wild!


    1. what a fabulous idea. I think people needs to wake up and being a few more creative, but it isn't what we normally do. I respect you because you don't feel afraid to share with us your ideas, expeeirnces and that's so admirable.


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