Nikki’s Creature Video

Hello, lovelies!

We are so pleased to release our very first Creature Video, featuring hooper Nikki Steez!

img_2543_edit_wm_rzNikki is the founder of The Firefly Caravan, a troupe of incredibly talented performance artists including fire dancers, stuntmen, and artists. They specialize in the bizarre and beautiful world of sideshow theater.

This captivating collective travels around New England and performs at weddings, birthday parties, music festivals, concerts, street fairs, fundraisers, corporate events, and more!

Nikki is also the owner of Buddha Belly Hoops, where she sells handmade hula hoops and flow props.

Check out her etsy page to see some of her work and enter the code BYC16 at checkout to receive a special discount for being a Be Your Creature reader 😉

Nikki’s next event is an Advanced Leg Hooping Workshop on November 9th in West Springfield. Happy hooping! 🙂


Stay creative, Creatures ❤

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